As school districts continue to evaluate different ways to increase security and protect school property from theft and vandalism, one strategy that repeatedly proves problematic is relying on a single locked door to protect all of the valuables inside. Once a thief or vandal gets past the door, all of the computers, equipment, and files are available for the taking, which is prompting schools to consider other security options, especially for areas such as the administrative suite. Computers, student records, private documents—all are commonly stored in this area and all are vulnerable during times when the area isn’t occupied or supervised.

“In an administrative suite, computer towers are still commonly used by staff members and are typically located on or under desks,” says Tyler Bortner, Intellerum education product manager. “If someone breaks in, that equipment can easily be stolen because there’s nothing to stop a thief from taking it, unless you provide additional security for those specific items.”

According to Bortner, one relatively simple and affordable way to add security to an environment like an administrative suite is with a CPU locker or a laptop locker. A CPU locker is a heavy-duty steel compartment that can secure and protect a CPU tower. This type of locker is available with a slide out tray that allows for easy placement of the tower and set up of its associated power and peripheral cords. Once setup, the tray simply slides back into the unit and the front door is closed and locked. The CPU locker can stay locked at all times without interrupting daily use. A fully hinged door and three-point lock provide frontline security, and the locker can be mounted under a desk as an added theft deterrent. The sturdy housing also protects the CPU from incidental contact and damage, and cords are less likely to be knocked loose from inside the compartment.

“If the administrative staff uses laptops, a laptop locker can serve that need,” notes Bortner. “Like the CPU locker, the laptop locker is also made of heavy duty steel and it can be wall mounted, so you get the added security without taking up any additional space,” he adds.

The laptop locker is designed to house a single laptop but also has room for documents, or it can be used exclusively for document security as needed. The unit mounts on a wall and the compartment tilts open so the laptop can quickly slide inside. The compartment is padded to protect the laptop, and it includes a grommet hole in the bottom so the laptop can be charged while it’s inside. Units are available with key, hasp, and electronic lock options to serve multiple levels of accessibility from single user to multi-user.

“The CPU locker and the laptop locker are simple, affordable ways school districts can add an extra layer of security to the administrative suite and protect not only valuable equipment but also sensitive information,” says Bortner. “Once you install this type of protection, you’ll wonder why you ever went without it.”

Tyler Bortner is the product manager for Intellerum’s education line of store and charge products. Before joining Intellerum in 2013, he earned an elementary education degree from Millersville University and was an elementary school teacher at Red Lion School District in York, PA.

For assistance choosing the right store and charge products for your school’s need, contact Intellerum at 866-875-9594 or

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